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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you making masks?

We are making masks as a response to the initial COVID-19 outbreak and our desire to help people NOW. We have friends that need masks and we are donating them as fast as we make them. But, we are also looking into the future and saying, what is going to be the new “normal” as we go back to our workplaces, churches, sports gatherings? We are anticipating a need for quality masks that are durable and washable for everyday people to use every day as a sign of respect and love for one another in social situations—at least for the near future.

Why are you making these kinds of masks vs. the rectangle kind?

How does the Buy One, Give One mask program work?

It is as simple as it sounds. For every mask purchased we give a mask to our local community until they say they have adequate supplies for their needs and distribution. We are doing this through our campaign called “What if Love Wins.” To date, we have donated over 1,000 masks. We have a goal of giving away 250,000 masks in our area. Currently, we are working with the Rescue Mission in Fort Wayne, CASS Housing and other local charities.

Will your mask protect me from the coronavirus?

The simple answer is no. No mask can completely protect you from any virus. Our masks are not medical grade. They utilize CDC approved materials and are made to knock down, or slow secretions as you exhale from reaching others around you. That is why wearing a mask is an expression of love for others. For everyone’s protection, we recommend following all guidance from state and local officials including hand washing and social distancing.

Are you going to make other products as well?

Yes! HightechPPE is focused on mask production. And, we also offer face shields, retractable shields and sneeze guards. We are continually looking at updating our masks to make them perform better, protect better, and create better value for our customers. Printing and producing quality masks, made here in Northeast Indiana, is our primary focus. Please check out our full line of products by selecting the “Order Now” button.

Is everything produced in your shop?

We are printing and sewing the designs here in Fort Wayne. And, as our order volume increases, we are partnering with sewers in our area to meet additional demand. We are excited by our local partnerships. We are also printing with others in the United States. These strategies are to keep good paying jobs in the area during times of down-sizing and layoffs. All of our masks are made in the USA.

What are the features of “My Everyday Mask”?

What is the turnaround time for mask production?

Three weeks at this time from artwork and quantity approval.

How should I care for “My Everyday Mask”

We recommend following the guidance of the US Surgeon General and the CDC. Current recommendations are to wash masks with hot water and detergent and dry on medium or high heat settings in the dryer.

Can I put my own logo or design on a mask?

YES. One of the unique features of My Everyday Mask is that you can design your own mask. Upload your company’s logo or other creative elements to completely create a unique design. This feature is only available on orders over 12.